Welcome to Husmässan!

 Welcome to Husmässan!


The new home building exhibition, Husmässan, at Stockholm's southern entrance was established in the autumn of 2008 and is growing continuously.

Grand Opening in August 2009 with 3000 visitors was the start event.

Now we repeat the success with even more exhibitors and events.

In addition to the permanent exhibition of vacation homes, houses, sheds and house accessories we hold breakfast seminars, evening events for home buyers and others, as well as several special exhibitions:

Getting here:

Exit 146 Tumba/Alby from road E4/E20 approximately 25 kilometres south of Stockholm.


Husmässan 1

14563 Norsborg


Husmässan is a permanent exhibition for everything you need when you plan to build a new house. It is also useful to visit us when you plan to reconstruct or extend already existing homes and vacation homes. Builders and other professionals also visit the fair to take a look at different solutions.

The fair replaces Husexpo, which lasted 40 years. It also fills the space left by Byggtjänst; the exhibition for house accessories which was disbanded 2006.

The new area is 60.000 square metres and is placed very strategically next to the European main roads E4/E20 at Stockholm's southern entrance.

Today there are 10 large holiday homes and villas, 20 small houses/gazebos and some 40 suppliers of accessories and services for building houses. New houses and exhibition objects are added constantly.


You can walk through the fully furnished houses and talk to representatives about your needs.

In the main building you can check out accessories and sit down in the cafe for a coffee or a light meal. While there you can study brochures with information about all the exhibition objects.

  +46 8 710 15 00

Open daily throughout the week 10-16

Click here in order to ask for information about Husmässan and possibilites to be an exhibitor or as a visitor>>